Scout Roster

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Order of the Arrow Members

Kevin J.
Christian Z.
Brian M.
Andrew B.
Nick N.
William S.
Ryan S.
Karsten Z.
Nick M.
Kyle G
Cody P.
Charlie Z.
Ethan M.

The Honey Badgers

Patrol Leader: Cory R.
Assistant Patrol Leader: Carson M.

    • Ely L. -Historian
    • Aiden H. – Quartermaster
    • Jacob B.
    • Carson M.

Pyro Patrol

Patrol Leader: Greg R.

Assistant Patrol Leader: Nick R.

    • Christian H. – Den Chief
    • Greg R. 
    • Aidan H.
    • Larkin C. – Den Chief

Poised Penguins

Patrol Leader: Declan K.

Assistant Patrol Leader: Cameron F.

    • Charlie Z. – Junior Assistant Scoutmaster 
    • Avrey M.
    • Declan K.
    • Cameron F.
    • Nilan S.